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Participants in the Livestock Evaluation Career Development Event will develop the ability to select market and breeding-type livestock that will meet the needs of the industry. The event requires students to judge and evaluate market animals, evaluate keep-cull classes based on production and type, and grade cattle on USDA quality grades and cutability. Participants will present oral reasons.

Current Rules & Scoresheets      
NameDate AddedSize
2021-2022 Livestock Rules 10/22/2021 11 KB
Livestock Scansheet (PDF) 1/30/2019 94 KB

Contest Resources      
NameDate AddedSize
1999_State_FFA_Livestock_Career 8/21/2019 40 KB
Cattle_Scenario 8/21/2019 27 KB
cattleepd 8/21/2019 28 KB
Judging_Swine 8/21/2019 30 KB
Livestock_CDE_Exam_National_1999 8/21/2019 51 KB
Livestock_CDE_Exam_National_2000 8/21/2019 35 KB
Livestock_Evaluation_CDE_Web_Resources 8/21/2019 23 KB
Livestock_Evaluation_Exam_State_2000_with_Key 8/21/2019 34 KB
Livestock_Judging_Manual_II 8/21/2019 23 KB
LSjudgingscenarios 8/21/2019 37 KB
Online_Hormel_Scoring_System 8/21/2019 23 KB
Placing_Class_-_Notetaking_Sheet 8/21/2019 20 KB
Sheep_Judging 8/21/2019 30 KB
Swine_Scenario 8/21/2019 20 KB
SwineEPD'S 8/21/2019 28 KB

Archived Rules & Resources      
NameDate AddedSize
Live Stock Rules 2018-2019 10/1/2019 19 KB
Spring 2020 Livestock Rules 2/8/2021 19 KB
Spring 2021 Virtual Livestock Rules 10/22/2021 11 KB


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